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Challenge Bibendum

Greetings! Dear friends of electrifying mobility, driving Project TW4XP is always an extraordinary fun. An assembly-line production vehicle will need time, but we can share the driving experience with you by now. Here is a montage of driving sequences highlighting real-world reactions of passengers in the TW4XP, made during the “Michelin Challenge Bibendum” in Berlin, [...]

Project TW4XP back in Germany

Greetings! X-Prize Awards Ceremony in Washington DC The TW4XP and its Team arrived in Washington on September 15th for the Progressive Automotive X Prize Awards Ceremony and surrounding activities. A reception Wednesday evening felt like a reunion of old friends. Thursday morning, Teams, Vehicles, photographers and press assembled at the National Historical Society lawn to [...]

Project TW4XP in Chicago

Dear Friends of Project TW4XP, we want to share some awesome pictures of Project TW4XP out on the town in Chicago. Validation Stage and Chicago After successfully passing the Validation Stage at Argonne National Laboratory, we took some time to enjoy the beautiful City of Chicago, enjoying the friendly feedback from the citizens of the Windy City. [...]

In the Lab

Project TW4XP in the Lab The “Coast Down” testing at Chrysler’s proving grounds is completed, teams advance to Validation Stage at Argonne National Lab in the near of Chicago. Martin and Bernd escort Project TW4XP. In this final technical event, the top finalists will undergo dynamometer testing under controlled laboratory conditions to verify technical performance [...]

Project TW4XP: About the results and friendships

Greetings! Race Results Although the final event, the “Combined Performance and Efficiency” race (winner-take-all) happened a few days ago, we still feel like we’re racing.  Official results have yet to be released, so nobody can say for sure what penalties are for each team.  And the unpenalized finish times were THAT close!  Although there is [...]

Team TW4XP and the Final Race

Of course we never doubted this, but we are through! Project TW4XP has passed all tests of the Knockout Stage and is approved to take part in the Final Race! We thank all friends and fans for their support. ————– Wir haben das natürlich nie bezweifelt, aber wir sind durch! Project TW4XP hat alle Prüfungen [...]

Team TW4XP: About Telemetry Data and the First Race

Some people asked us about the Competition Tracker and the Telemetry Data. We think that the submission of this data is a really good idea, which will show how efficient the vehicles are at every moment of the tests. Unfortually the submission doesn’t seem to work properly yet. Here is a “live”-report from Matt Childress, [...]

Project TW4XP: fifth movie: Impressiones from the Endurance Testing

Rolling rolling rolling … Some people would say, driving in cycles is boring. I would say, these people never saw prototypes like these in action. Have fun! Rolling, rolling, rolling… Manche Leute würden sagen, im Kreis zu fahren ist langweilig. Ich würde sagen, diese Menschen haben noch nie Prototypen wie diese in Aktion gesehen. Ich [...]

“Are we there yet? It has to be somewhere down there!”

Project TW4XP is on the way. The vehicle is already in the States, my colleagues Martin and Wolfgang Möscheid and Bernd Werner follow him today. This nice drawing is a present of a TWIKE customer. The TWIKE is a light electric vehicle sold in parts of Europe today. The TW4XP will become a bit like [...]

Project TW4XP is in the Box!

The vehicle is in the box and on the way to Michigan International Speedway. After we waved goodbye, we suddenly missed Barbara. We were not sure if she perhaps wanted to take some more pictures of the interior of the box. She always takes pictures of everything. But then we found her, taking pictures of us [...]