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TW4XP will do the Shakedown tests on the 16. – 18. of June.

Maybe you noticed: The volcanic eruption in Iceland has taught us too to be humble. When nature strikes back we are powerless: the flight of our competition vehicle was delayed. After our first shock we were relieved to learn that at least one other European team had the same problems and that the X Prize [...]

Jihei! Awsome, wonderful, a fantastic feeling!

Jihei! Awsome, wonderful, a fantastic feeling! My first drive with the completed competition vehicle! Now I try to find a way of describing it… and I realise that it is already described on our web site: Our vision that we want to make come true: Imagine driving through the countryside, the wind in your hair [...]

Invitation to the first public presentation of Project TW4XP

Invitation to the first public presentation of Project TW4XP Finally! Project TW4XP is ready to go to the US to compete for the “Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize”. But before we lift off end of April we want to take the chance and present you the finished competition vehicle. Project TW4XP will be on public [...]


Did we mention that the design is finished? One would think that design is that last thing you worry about when you build a new car. On the contrary! The design is one of the first things that have to be finished when you want to work on the details of vehicle development. We have been working [...]

Season’s Greetings / Neujahrsgrüße

We want to thank you for your support and wish you health, happiness, and success for 2010!
Wir danken für die Unterstützung und wünschen ein gesundes, glückliches und erfolgreiches Jahr 2010!

Design Review: 43 of 110 Teams left

On October 19th, the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE announced the 43 Qualified Teams who received passing scores from the Design Judges and are therefore qualified to progress to the next stage of the competition. We are glad to be one of them! The Design Judging process, whereby a team of select automotive experts evaluated [...]

Wind tunnel simulation / Windtunnel-Simulationen

The exterior design that was developed by StudioFT is tested for aerodynamics using a computer simulation package. This helps  detecting possible areas for further optimisation at an early stage. Based on the results of these simulations we can calculate the Cw value that can be achieved with the design. First results show that a Cw value of [...]

The new headquarters in Kassel / Das neue Hauptquartier in Kassel

Today we moved to our new facilities in the technology and founder center FIDT in Kassel. Besides office space we now have a workshop to build our Prototype! Heute haben wir unsere neuen Räumlichkeiten im Technologie und Gründerzentrum FIDT in Kassel bezogen. Neben den Büroräumen werden wir hier auch ein Raum einrichten, den wir nutzen um [...]

Crash Simulation

Before prototyping, crash test are performed in a Simulation package. Because this needs really much of CPU power, the simulations run on the CPUcluster of EDAG in Fulda. During the simulations we are testing different collision situations to detect possible areas of improvement at an early stage. Our specialist Marc Bernhard is working with full [...]

Exterieur design / Außendesign Design

For the outer design we work together with StudioFT in Berlin. StudioFT are professionals in the area of car design. We deliver to them hart points. Based on these they make first drafts. At the moment we keep the design as a secret. Für das Außendesign arbeiten wir mit den Profis von StudioFT in Berlin [...]