Monthly Archives: August 2009

Exterieur design / Außendesign Design

For the outer design we work together with StudioFT in Berlin. StudioFT are professionals in the area of car design. We deliver to them hart points. Based on these they make first drafts. At the moment we keep the design as a secret. Für das Außendesign arbeiten wir mit den Profis von StudioFT in Berlin [...]

Steel Model / Eisen Schwein

Most of our development is done using a software tailored for the automotive industry. The package allows us to model most of the components into great detail. How a driver and passenger feel inside the vehicle can’t be modeled. Based on our first designs the team has build a steel model to get a feeling of the [...]

Barbeque / Grillabend

For teambuilding we organized a barbecue evening in a cabin in Morschen. The barbecue chefs Ottmar and Henning prepared delicious food. Besides the barbecue each team member could test its stability on a slack line. It was a funny evening that ended late the next day. Great! Zwecks näheren Kennenlernens und Stärkung des Teamgeisteshaben wir [...]