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About the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize and Project TW4XP on PlanetGreen TV. Über den Progressive Insurace Automotive X Prize und Project TW4XP on PlanetGreen TV.

Team TW4XP: An Interview

Martin Möscheid from Team TW4XP discussing the steering system of the “Project TW4XP” vehicle and how it has the capabilities of V2G (vehicle to grid). Martin Möscheid vom Team TW4XP über die Steuerung des Wettbewerbsfahrzeuges “Project TW4XP” und die Fähigkeit für “Vehicle to Grid”.

Technical Inspection

Last two days, all teams went through “Technical Inspection”. Vehicles are inspected for safety. This sounds easy, because all teams have already passed the technical inspection twice at the beginning of Shakedown and Knockout. But every modification made in the last weeks has to be reviewed in detail. Inspectors had a special eye on our [...]