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Project TW4XP in Chicago

Dear Friends of Project TW4XP, we want to share some awesome pictures of Project TW4XP out on the town in Chicago. Validation Stage and Chicago After successfully passing the Validation Stage at Argonne National Laboratory, we took some time to enjoy the beautiful City of Chicago, enjoying the friendly feedback from the citizens of the Windy City. [...]

In the Lab

Project TW4XP in the Lab The “Coast Down” testing at Chrysler’s proving grounds is completed, teams advance to Validation Stage at Argonne National Lab in the near of Chicago. Martin and Bernd escort Project TW4XP. In this final technical event, the top finalists will undergo dynamometer testing under controlled laboratory conditions to verify technical performance [...]

About the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize and Project TW4XP on PlanetGreen TV. Über den Progressive Insurace Automotive X Prize und Project TW4XP on PlanetGreen TV.

Team TW4XP: An Interview

Martin Möscheid from Team TW4XP discussing the steering system of the “Project TW4XP” vehicle and how it has the capabilities of V2G (vehicle to grid). Martin Möscheid vom Team TW4XP über die Steuerung des Wettbewerbsfahrzeuges “Project TW4XP” und die Fähigkeit für “Vehicle to Grid”.

Team TW4XP: About Telemetry Data and the First Race

Some people asked us about the Competition Tracker and the Telemetry Data. We think that the submission of this data is a really good idea, which will show how efficient the vehicles are at every moment of the tests. Unfortually the submission doesn’t seem to work properly yet. Here is a “live”-report from Matt Childress, [...]

Project TW4XP: fifth movie: Impressiones from the Endurance Testing

Rolling rolling rolling … Some people would say, driving in cycles is boring. I would say, these people never saw prototypes like these in action. Have fun! Rolling, rolling, rolling… Manche Leute würden sagen, im Kreis zu fahren ist langweilig. Ich würde sagen, diese Menschen haben noch nie Prototypen wie diese in Aktion gesehen. Ich [...]

Project TW4XP – fourth movie: Wrapping up the vehicle

We have to admit it: We love our vehicle and it was difficult for us to let it go. Therefore we have recorded the process of wrapping it up. So here is our new video, which gives also an impression of our working speed. Wir geben es ja zu. Wir lieben unser Fahrzeug und es [...]

Project TW4XP – third movie: The completed vehicle

Our YouTube Channel shows TW4XP in different stages of development. We have just uploaded the 3rd video which shows Project TW4XP driving for the first time with the hull fitted: Let’s accelerate! Have fun! Wenn Sie unserem YouTube Channel folgen, werden Sie das TW4XP in verschiedenen Entwicklungsstadien gesehen haben. Nun ist der dritte Film fertig: [...]

Shakedown started

At the moment our thought are with the other teams who are being scrutinised right now. The X Prize Foundation has uploaded a trailer on YouTube that gives a first glimpse of the tests. Im Moment fiebern wir mit den Teams, die grade unter der Lupe sind. Auf YouTube hat die X Prize Foundation einen [...]

TW4XP will do the Shakedown tests on the 16. – 18. of June.

Maybe you noticed: The volcanic eruption in Iceland has taught us too to be humble. When nature strikes back we are powerless: the flight of our competition vehicle was delayed. After our first shock we were relieved to learn that at least one other European team had the same problems and that the X Prize [...]