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Jihei! Awsome, wonderful, a fantastic feeling!

Jihei! Awsome, wonderful, a fantastic feeling! My first drive with the completed competition vehicle! Now I try to find a way of describing it… and I realise that it is already described on our web site: Our vision that we want to make come true: Imagine driving through the countryside, the wind in your hair [...]

Project TW4XP – second movie: First Test Drive

We were really looking forward to this: The first test drives! It handles brilliantly, the steering is great, and when the hull is finally fitted, we won’t need gloves and helmet anymore. What a great feeling to drive a vehicle that you have helped designing and to know that you are writing a bit of [...]

Project TW4XP – first movie: We take part!

The first moving pictures of Project TW4XP, here we go: mobility moves and the same shall apply to the news coverage. Here is our trailer: first moving pictures from the development, a view of the workshop, and an early stage of the competition vehicle. The team at work. We are looking forward to your feedback! [...]